• Wanna Play in a Skeeball League That Doesn't Suck? Austin Skeeball League is the Best!
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Austin Skeeball League has many imitators, but there is only one league that is the best in Austin, and we are IT! I mean, we have the koozies and tshirts that say so.

Come. Play. Skee. HARD.

Austin Skeeball League was born over a six pack (or ten) and an overly competitive group of people who were too good for Dave and Busters, and tired of getting kicked out of Chucky Cheese because they were hogging the machines from the kids. They vowed to never again be outskee’d from another venue, and found a home in Gourmands Pub on Tuesday nights and Thursday evenings.

The Austin Skeeball League has teamed up with Gourmands to bring you Austin’s awesomest form of Tuesday and Thursday night entertainment. All you need to do is grab 2 friends, come up with a witty team name, and email us to join in the fun. Cheers!